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Our Team

We’re passionate about providing the best care for clients of all gender identities, races, ethnicities, religions and ages. We care about providing the best possible mental health care, prevention services and addiction support.

Our inclusive and compassionate team of 700+ employees includes PhDs, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Registered Nurses (RN), MDs, and more, who are experienced mental health professionals and addiction specialists with a range of cultural, educational and training backgrounds.

The strong and committed team of senior managers at LifeWorks NW ensures our organization’s clinical excellence and operational efficiency. LifeWorks NW is headed up by an effective executive team, including CEO Mary Monnat, Vice President of Operations Katy Beveridge, Vice President of Analytics, Technology & CIO Lora Kerr, Vice President of Clinical Services Mark Lewinsohn and Vice President of Finance & Strategic Operation Connie Dunkle Weyrauch.

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Senior Management

Connie Dunkle-Weyrauch

Vice President of Finance and Strategic Operations & CFO
Diane Benavides Wille

Diane Benavides Wille

VP of Equity, Inclusion, and Workforce Development
LifeWorks NW COO and Vice President of Operations Katy Beveridge

Katy Beveridge

Vice President of Operations & COO

Lora Kerr

VP of Analytics and Technology & CIO
LifeWorks NW Vice President of Clinical Services Mark Lewinsohn

Mark Lewinsohn, Ph.D.

Vice President of Clinical Services

Mary Monnat


Ronell Warner

VP of HR & Organizational Development

Cori Schleiffer

Director, Marketing & Communications

Cory Grose

Service Director – Integrated Health

Daisy Nunez

Operations Manager

Erin Sewell

Service Director – Child, Youth and Family Services

Joe Gabba

Director of Quality Management

Joshua Tabaldo

Service Director - Rehabilitation

Karen Bos, M.D.

Medical Director

Karen Warr

Director of Development Operations

Kendra Harding

Service Director – Substance Use Disorders

Krissy Cartwright

Executive Assistant

Kristin Garcia

Service Director – Medical & Integrated Behavioral Health Services

Melisa Finch

Service Director - Crisis, Rehabilitation & Residential

Rachel Stark


Shawn Olin

Facilities Director