Support for all stages of life

The foundation for lifelong wellbeing starts in childhood and builds through all stages of life. Sometimes, things happen in life that can crack
or rock that foundation. It’s never too late to reach out. 

We provide compassionate care across the lifespan – from the youngest children to older adults, to help strengthen wellbeing for all.


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Young Adults

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Hillsboro Children’s Relief Nurseries 5th Anniversary

Congratulations, Hillsboro-Main Street Children’s Relief Nursery (CRN)! This is the CRN’s 5th anniversary, and they have done an amazing job over this time. In 2011, the site was an asset...
behavioral health careers

Great News for LifeWorks NW, Oregon’s Behavioral Health

“This has been a difficult time for communities and the behavioral health organizations that serve them with mental health, addiction and preventions services,” says Mary Monnat, CEO of LifeWorks NW,...
Well-Being For All graphic with COVID vaccine, arm and heart

CDC Announces Expansion of COVID Booster

Here's what the CDC said on October 21, 2021, about COVID booster shots: "For individuals who received a Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the following groups are eligible for a...
Compassionate Teams

Passionate Team

This quote by Simon Sinek sums up why so many of us are passionate about the work we do at LifeWorks NW: Working hard for something you don’t care about...

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