Support for all stages of life

The foundation for lifelong wellbeing starts in childhood and builds through all stages of life. Sometimes, things happen in life that can crack
or rock that foundation. It’s never too late to reach out. 

We provide compassionate care across the lifespan – from the youngest children to older adults, to help strengthen wellbeing for all.


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Young Adults

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REAL in Washington Co.

LifeWorks NW Recovery Empowerment Achievement in Life (REAL) program, formerly providing youth SUD and dual diagnosis services only in Multnomah County, is expanding to Washington County, as well. This opportunity...

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How to Celebrate Black Business Month in Portland

August is National Black Business Month, a time when communities across the US come together to support the Black-owned businesses in their cities. While the civil rights movement has made...

New National Mental Health Hotline Goes Live

On July 16, a new three-digit national mental health hotline went live. If you need help but can’t remember your local crisis number, you can simply dial or text 988...

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