We're here for you. 

Welcome to LifeWorks NW, we're glad you found us! We're here to listen and guide, and help you find greater wellbeing to live your best possible life.

Schedule An Appointment

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, please call 503-645-9010 or (Toll-Free) 888-645-1666, or e-mail intake@lifeworksnw.org.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

Essential Documents

It is our priority to keep our consumers educated and aware about their rights and responsibilities. These documents are for your review and reference, if you would like a printed copy, or if you’d like to complete any of the forms listed, please feel free to discuss this during your appointment and we will mail a copy to you.

Release of Information Form: This form gives LifeWorks NW permission to release and receive your protected health information (PHI). While our responsibility to ensure your safety and the safety of others sometimes limits confidentiality, we make every effort to follow the consent outlined in your release.

Preparing for Your Appointment: This informational packet provides guidance on what to expect as our valued consumer. Consumer rights and responsibilities are outlined, as well as a copy of our Informed Consent. Please note that your assigned clinician will brief you on the consent process and will ask for you to verbally indicate your consent for LifeWorks NW to offer you treatment.

Formal Complaint Form: It is our mission to positively support our community. If you have any concerns regarding services at LifeWorks NW, please review our complaint packet for our grievance procedures. If you would like a paper copy, please reach out to our Integrity Line at 503-645-3581, extension 2450. Please leave a message, and we will respond within 10 business days.