About Us

Our mission at LifeWorks NW is to promote a healthy community by providing quality and culturally responsive mental health and addiction services across the lifespan.

Our Core Values
LifeWorks NW values and believes in providing high quality prevention, mental health and addiction services to build a healthy community. Our core values are:

  • Recovery and Resilience

We know that “life works” when people receive the help they need.

  • Relationships

We work in partnership with the community and within LifeWorks NW to improve the lives of those touched by mental health or addiction issues.

  • Results

We provide services that we know work to change people’s lives.

Our History

LifeWorks NW was originally established in 1961 as the Tualatin Valley Child Guidance Center when a group of concerned citizens became aware of the lack of mental health services for children in Washington County. Legend has it the idea took shape on the ski slopes of Mount Hood, when a prominent local psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Crawshaw, and Jack Murdock, then CEO of Tektronix, set out to fill the gap in community services.

Responding to evolving local needs, we continued to grow. By 1977, we had added alcohol treatment and services for both adults and older adults, and changed our name to Tualatin Valley Mental Health Center to reflect our expanded focus on the whole family.

By 1995, we shortened our name to Tualatin Valley Centers. We again merged in 1997, joining forces with Mainstream Youth Program, the area’s largest provider of youth alcohol and drug services, which allowed us to expand our services into Multnomah County.

Into the 21st century, we’ve continued to grow and expand our ability to serve more members of our community. In 2002, we joined with Center for Community Mental Health, and in 2004 welcomed Project Network—a powerful recovery program focusing on pregnant, addicted African American women and their children—into our family of programs.

In 2004, we became LifeWorks NW—a fresh name to better reflect the positive outcomes and wider geographic spread of our services.

In 2012, we merged with Children’s Relief Nursery, adding their child abuse and neglect prevention services to our array.

Strengthening Our Community

Life works when you get the support you need—just ask the more than 21,000 children, teens and families, adults and older adults we serve each year in the Portland, Oregon metro area and beyond. By giving help and hope to our most vulnerable neighbors, we strengthen the entire community—one we all share.

LifeWorks NW is a leading nonprofit, community-based prevention, mental health and addiction agency committed to supporting a healthy community. We use what works, and the many success stories of our clients are the proof.

Our passionate, experienced team—from counselors to senior managers to our board of directors—is committed to providing quality programs and services that responsibly use public and private contributions in the most efficient and effective ways possible.



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