Mike Malin

Mike Malin is a tennis player, skier, runner and 30-year Nike veteran – athletics are in the DNA of his career. It takes a team with exceptional talent, energy and collaborative spirit to win, and he has a passion for bringing people together to do exactly that. Over the course of Mike’s career, he has hired and led teams of up to 500 individuals and intentionally worked across multiple business organizations to drive strategy and innovation within Nike. He is fueled by finding solutions to problems and creating strategies that win.

Mike is currently managing a team of 320 employees supporting go-to-market processes and creation of new capabilities impacting all aspects of Nike’s Design, Product Development and Merchandising business. The team champions Nike’s mission every day in everything that we do–bringing innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world.

Other roles at Nike include VP of Digital Product Creation, VP Global IT Infrastructure, Senior Director of Global Warehouse Systems, and Senior Director Nike Business Intelligence.

Mike received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Computer Systems from University of Portland and a Master’s degree in Technology Management from Washington State University.