Residential Services for Women with Children

For women that have experienced traumas, mental health or addiction struggles, LifeWorks NW provides residential services for both mothers and their children. Mothers can get any necessary support and treatment while children can thrive in a safe environment. LifeWorks NW serves Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. Contact us today for more information or to get your questions answered.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Women

Project Network, in Portland Oregon, and Mountaindale, in Hillsboro, help women with substance use disorders begin their journey in recovery and end the cycle of addiction. Project Network provides African American culturally focused trauma informed substance use disorder and mental health treatment services.

The critical work of Project Network not only changes the individuals it serves; it changes our community one family at a time. Though our program has an African American cultural focus, we provide culturally responsive services to women and children of all cultural backgrounds.

Mental Health Treatment for Women, Children & Families

Trauma-informed mental health treatment for women, children, and families is also available at Project Network in Portland Oregon and Mountaindale in Hillsboro Oregon. The LifeWorks NW teams provide a holistic and team-based approach with compassionate and effective care. Our mental health treatment services:

● Aim to stabilize and reduce mental health symptoms.
● Reunite mothers with their children and build healthy family attachment.
● Empower, educate and support families as they work to break negative patterns.
● Teach positive parenting tools to build healthy communications, structure and secure attachment.
● Help mothers learn to balance recovery and mental health needs with the demands and responsibilities of parenthood.

Our treatment centers mirrors the real world. Women buy groceries and prepare their own meals, moms take their children to school and participate in school activities. Children are cared for in daycare while their mothers participate in treatment groups and individual therapy. All women age 18 and up are welcome at Project Network and Mountaindale. Women without children are eligible for the program as well. RECOVERY WORKS! For more information, call (503) 528-2140.

Treatment Approach & Evidence-Based Practices of Project Network

• African American specific services
• Trauma informed services for women & families
• Seeking Safety
• Alcohol & Drug Education
• Relapse Prevention Skills
• Residential Structured Living
• Case Management Services
• Domestic Violence Education
• Moral Reconation Therapy MRT
• Parent Child Interaction Therapy
• Psychiatric Evaluation & Care
• Medication Management
• Medical Screening & Services
• Health Education
• Rent Well
• Housing Assistance
• Practical Life Skills / Job Skills
• Peer Mentoring
• Acupuncture
• Child Parent Psychotherapy
• Client Advocacy
• Parent/Child Reunification

Women in recovery can feel safe at LifeWorks NW. We understand how difficult it can be to start your journey which is why LifeWorks NW is here to answer any of your questions. For more information about the referral process or just to learn more, contact us today.