Adult Residential Treatment

What is Adult Residential Treatment?

Adult Residential Treatment allows for someone struggling with mental illness to receive care in a respectful, dignified way. Adult Residential Treatment helps adults struggling with conditions such as bipolar disorder, clinical depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. We have programs specifically designed for your needs to achieve a higher quality of life.

How it Works:

We have programs that allow clients to receive help from counselors and won’t interfere with their schedules. Our clients participate in groups that provide education, skills, and exercises to assist with building a healthier daily life. Its goal is to assist individuals to become as independent as possible, while reaching developmental milestones, such as development in employment and social relationships.

How to Find the Right Facility

Every mental health facility treats its members differently. It’s best to look around to find the best fit for you. Consider the following questions when choosing your facility:

  • What are your goals/what do you hope to accomplish in treatment?
  • How much do you want to do on your own, and how much do you want counselors and the facility staff to be involved?
  • What is the cost and value of the treatment facility?
  • How important is location to you?
  • What psychiatric counseling services do you need?
  • Talk with your provider to see if residential treatment is recommended and about next steps; recommendations are required and go through each county.

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