Community awareness of LifeWorks NW and its mission is an important objective for us. Below you will find some general information about LifeWorks NW.

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How long has LifeWorks NW been providing services for our communities?

LifeWorks NW’s rich past goes back to 1961 when we began as a child guidance center. We’ve grown and evolved as the needs of the communities we serve have changed. We are proud of our well-managed programs, and believe that it is a testament to our management as well as our staff that we consistently receive high marks from those we serve.

Who does LifeWorks NW serve?

LifeWorks NW provides comprehensive services and programs to:

Where can I find a LifeWorks NW facility?

LifeWorks NW provides quality, culturally responsive prevention, mental health and addiction services throughout the Portland metro area. Each LifeWorks NW location offers confidential treatment and unique programs, from our multi-service locations to those offering special programs. Find a LifeWorks NW near you.

How many clients does LifeWorks NW serve?

LifeWorks NW provides affordable care to more than 17,000 Oregonians in need each year through generous community support.

Do you have services for Spanish speakers? Other languages?

LifeWorks NW is committed to serving the Hispanic community, and we have many bilingual staff at all of our locations to help people get the services they need. Our special partnership with the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center also offers on-site mental health screening and consultation services to Spanish-speakers. To provide the best possible service, we have also counselors fluent in Russian, Filipino, Chinese and other languages, and continually seek ways to expand our staff’s language abilities.

How many employees does LifeWorks NW have?

Our team totals nearly 650 people.

What are your administrative costs?

We’re proud to report our senior management team keeps our administrative costs to a low 9% of total expenses.

Where does your funding come from?

LifeWorks NW is funded by government programs, foundations and the generous contributions of corporations and individuals.

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