We Help People Get Their Lives Back

Mar 18, 2024

Mother and daughter getting ready for school.

One client shares how walking with LifeWorks NW through her recovery journey made a difference in her life. 

Quitting an addictive substance is so complicated. It’s complicated by a brain that says you need it, whatever “it” is. By the pain and stress that drives someone to use in the first place. By the life that results from years of substance use: lost jobs, homes, family, mental health. 

That’s where LifeWorks NW really shines. We take a holistic approach to helping people reclaim not only their sobriety and mental health, but their lives. Counselors, group therapy, peer support, guidance through the bureaucratic maze of assistance agencies, we are there for you every step of the way.  

Our integrated approach to care empowers clients to bring their full selves into recovery, including any challenges they face. Even after losing her family and her home, Jennifer (not her real name) shared how LifeWorks NW helped get her life back. 

“I had really great support there. All the counselors were amazing,” says Jennifer. “I had a lot of support to get my daughter back in my care. They supported me through everything,” including addiction treatment and the road to employment and permanent housing. 

“When you are in that spot, you just don’t know which way to go,” says Jennifer. “It’s good to have someone who’s been there to guide you.”