Celebrating National Doctor’s Day

Mar 27, 2023

Dr. Cortney Taylor

National Doctor’s Day is a day that we get to honor doctors for their contributions and the work they do for patients, communities and society as a whole. Doctors work hard each day keeping people safe and healthy. 

Dr. Taylor, who is a triple-boarded doctor, is a psychiatrist that works on the Washington County ACT team and runs the Bridge Clinic. 

“There are not enough words to adequately describe who Dr. Taylor is or the impact that she makes,” says Tina, Clinical supervisor with the ACT Team. “Dr. Taylor is the most genuine, compassionate, kind-hearted doctor that I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside. Dr. Taylor is leader, educator, clinician and advocate. Dr. Taylor is committed to the highest quality of client care and will advocate for clients and teams. Dr. Taylor’s holistic approach enables her to see clients as humans, not their diagnoses. Dr. Taylor meets clients where they are at and strives to find what works best for the individual. I get the privilege of working closely with Dr. Taylor as she helps lead ACT and care for complex high-acuity clients. Dr. Taylor always finds time to check in with the team even while managing the Bridge Clinic. I admire Dr. Taylor’s dedication to being a doctor, truly living out the oath that she took. Our client’s/patients’ lives are better off by getting to work with her, she is the best! “ 

“I am constantly impressed by Dr. Taylor’s commitment to providing the best care she can give,” says Lisle, Genoa Pharmacy. She knows her patients and finds solutions that meet their needs and fit their lives. She cares about people and is willing to be flexible to find what works best.  It’s amazing to watch her work!” 

“Dr. Taylor is an absolute joy to work with and to be around,” says John, ACT service coordinator. “She brings positive and calming energy to situations that are often chaotic.  Having the ability to literally meet clients where they are in the community gives invaluable insight into where a client is at in their treatment. I enjoy having Dr. Taylor as a team member.” 

“Dr. Taylor is a true gem,” Helene, ACT RN. “She is a thoughtful advocate, thorough clinician, and skilled educator. She understands that not all psychiatric disorders can or will be treated by medicine and embraces the holistic aspects of health when creating a care plan. She sees patients as complete human beings, not just their symptoms. I am proud to work alongside her and the rest of the ACT team.” 

“Dr. Taylor (Doc), is the real deal,” Traci, ACT peer support specialist. “She looks at the whole person — where are they coming from? Where are they right now? and where can they be? She considers all of the person’s aspirations and fears as she listens to what they are saying (and sometimes not saying). I trust her completely and have the utmost respect for her and her comprehensive approach to her profession. I sometimes wonder how someone this professional can be this warm and kind. Thanks, Doc.” –  

“I have not worked with Dr. Taylor a whole lot, but over the past four months I have been shadowing the Bridge Clinic, which Dr. Taylor oversees and supervises,” Radiance, team lead care coordinator. I have learned so much from her as an aspiring physician myself and feel so lucky to have gotten an opportunity to see her work with her patients. Her ability to connect with patients and build rapport is inspiring. She meets with CareOregon regularly to support those most in need by bridging gaps in the system for folks who desperately need it. She is the kind of caring and supportive doctor that I hope to be one day!” 

“Dr. Taylor is the best; she is passionate about helping her patients and will always go above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of,” Sarah, PCC/Bridge Clinic “Without her, the Bridge Clinic wouldn’t be possible, and she provides such awesome support and guidance to that program. Our patients are lucky to have her and I’m lucky to work alongside her. She’s amazing!!”