As Winter Begins, Do Good Multnomah Offers Housing Resources

Dec 8, 2021

housing graphic

The foundation of good mental health is safe housing and adequate food.  Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen more and more clients struggle with housing in Oregon. That’s why we’re excited to share some resources from Do Good Multnomah.

Whether you’re a single man who needs assistance getting into low-income housing, part of a couple looking for a place to stay together, or a veteran looking for permanent supportive housing, there’s an option for you. Here’s a brief overview of Do Good Multnomah’s current programs.(You can also download this flyer to print everything out.)  While LifeWorks NW is not connected to these services, we do our best to provide information to clients about basic life needs; we cannot guarantee or influence access.

Wy’east Shelter

A low-barrier shelter for single men who are looking for assistance to get into low-income housing or other programs with vouchers or their income. Participants have 20-hour access to bed space, three meals a day, 12 hours of shower accessibility, on-site case management, and CRRC, VA, and Easter Seals reps meeting on site.

Requirements: Veterans and parole/probation adult males only. Meet with your case manager weekly.

How to Connect: Go through your case worker, Probation/Parole officer, or apply on the Do Good website.

Downtown Shelter

A low-barrier shelter with 96 beds serving individuals, aged 18+, with case management that assists participants in moving onto the next step in their lives – whether that be rehabilitation, transitional housing, or permanent housing.

Requirements: Adults and Couples, 18+ years old. Meet with your case manager weekly.

How to Connect: Go through your case worker, apply on the Do Good website, or call the referral phone number: 503-358-0519.

Veterans Village

The Veterans Village is a program run in partnership with Clackamas County. It is a drug and alcohol-free facility with 21 pods for Veterans, case management and mental-health support. Veterans who live here have up to 24 months to work with case managers to find permanent and sustainable housing.

How to Connect: In order to get on Vet Village waiting list you must register with Coordinated Housing Access of Clackamas County. Someone will call you to be screened. Ask to be put on Veteran Village waiting list.

St. Johns Village

Located in the St. Johns Community of North Portland. This is a 24 -month transitional program at a drug and alcohol-free facility with 19 pods, case management and food security support.

Requirements: Background check, adherence to program policies/procedures, active participation in case management, participation in weekly chores, participation in weekly village meetings.

How to Connect: Interested parties should call the SJV shelter at 503-572-2649 to inquire if the waitlist is open.

Veteran Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing is regular subsidized housing where residents have a lease and have access to voluntary on-site case management, peer support and community activities.

Breitung Building: Located in NE Portland. Reach out through your VA case worker. This housing is only available for those who qualify for HUD VASH Vouchers.

Clayton Mohr: Located in Oregon City. You need to go through the Clackamas County Coordinated Housing Access Line: 503-655-8575. However, if you have HUD VASH, you need to go through your VASH case manager, who can put you on the list.

Findley Commons: Upcoming housing in SE Portland. 20, 1 bedroom HUD VASH units and 15 Single Room Occupancy (self-pay) units. Expected building lease-up: Late-December-Early January. Visit this page to submit an inquiry.

Motel Shelters

In addition to those programs, Do Good Multnomah is also operating three motel shelters for individuals who are over 65 or with specific pre-existing conditions that increases their vulnerability to COVID 19, and those with disabling conditions. All referrals come from congregate shelters, so individuals must connect with Multnomah County Shelters for placement there, where their needs will be assessed, before moving into a Motel Shelter.

Winter Shelter: Arbor Lodge

They’ve also opened a temporary Winter Shelter in North Portland’s Arbor Lodge neighborhood.  This all-winter shelter has room for 58 people inside and up to 12 more people sheltered in pods outside. The shelter is for individuals and couples 18 years or older. For more information, call 503-793-9001 or fill out this form.