Supported Education Success Story

Jan 13, 2021

Interviewee #3

Klue first came to LifeWorks NW for drug treatment. After completing drug and alcohol treatment, he was referred to the LifeWorks NW Hillsboro-Walnut Rehab program and now lives in a Rehab foster home.

“In 2012, I was going to school at Chemeketa Community College,” says Klue, now a Supported Education client working with Jen Burke, Supported Education specialist. “I started taking classes there; I did not pass my classes. I was going to a tutoring center, [and] it was not helping. It was hard for me to understand what was going on in class. I was also using [drugs] at the time, so I don’t think it was a good idea.”

His various health issues made it hard for him initially to address his symptoms, according to Jen. Since then, he has overcome barriers with understanding and remembering. Klue has also worked to overcome difficulties with communication and asking for assistance.

As with many people using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate against other issues, Klue had a variety of needs. Because LifeWorks NW offers a wide range of services, he’s been able to benefit from drug and alcohol treatment, Rehab, Supported Education, and Supported Employment. As a result, Klue feels much greater confidence in his ability to handle his issues.

“Right now I have more trustworthy with my life. I trust myself that I can go outside and not start using. I can say no to anyone who offers me drugs or anything. [Someone] talks to me about using–I can say I’m leaving and leave the place. I have more power to myself to say no to others that are using. I feel comfortable to tell them no.”

“Klue started working with Supported Education back in autumn of 2019, and then started taking English as Second Language classes at Portland Community College at the start of 2020,” says Jen. “He has done a great job attending classes ever since, transitioning to classes online and completing several terms successfully. Klue has built skills around using the computer, getting logged into classes, keeping track of homework assignments, completing homework assignments, and passing tests. He is hoping to apply for scholarships or grants this term, and has hopes of taking college level classes within the next year or so.

Jen says she’s very impressed with Klue’s commitment to the program and his education. “With extra support, he was able to gain comfort with the computer and take classes online successfully,” she says. “He has really made the best of a really difficult situation. Klue knows when to ask for help, which he now needs less and less as he’s gained more confidence navigating online learning. Each term he has completed his classes successfully and moved onto the next level. He is building skills and will continue to succeed as he progresses through his education.”

Klue is not only honing his English skills and education, the broad range of services he receives at LifeWorks NW helps in many areas of his life. He says he’s doing better with work, school and getting along with his family.

“Right now…I talk to my family, I talk to my friends, [although] I don’t have that much friends,” says Klue. “I really like going to school, I like reading, and I like being busy doing homework. It keeps my mind away from other things that I shouldn’t think about. It’s like every day something new. It’s very nice for me to have going to school. Basically it gives me positive thoughts.”

Looking to the future, Klue sees Supported Education and the other programs he’s succeeded in as preparing him for a brighter future.

“I want to graduate from college, and I want to have a career to work after I graduate. I would like to work on computers or with computers, at some very big company like Intel.”​