Bikes for LifeWorks NW Programs’ Kids

Dec 18, 2019

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Each year, the Ferguson-Murphy fundraiser donates bikes to the children associated with the LifeWorks NW sites, and several other nonprofits. This year, they delivered 110 bikes and helmets to children connected to LifeWorks NW programs at St. Johns Children’s Relief Nursery, Project Network, Hillsboro-Main Street and more.

“It was an exciting morning,” said Ashley Amato, LifeWorks NW’s Special Events & Sponsorship coordinator.
“So many happy faces; it was great to see the reaction of the children,
teachers and staff. This donation means a very happy holiday for many families.”

The charity began with two families bringing together
friends and acquaintances to do a run on Christmas Eve. It began as fun and
became a multi-generational fundraiser to support children less fortunate than
their own. Now, runners make donations to ensure hundreds of bikes can be
purchased annually. According to an interview with the Winged M, a newsletter from the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) where
the run begins and ends, they’ve given away more than 2,000 bikes over the

When asked why they started donating bikes to the children
of LifeWorks NW’s programs, Bart Ferguson said that children never forget their
first bike.

“It gives them freedom, gives them a chance to ride a bike,
be free and get some exercise, too,” said Bart. “It is a special Christmas gift
that everyone remembers. I’ve been involved with LifeWorks NW since I went to
school in Eugene in the ‘80s, so I came up here, and Ted and I started donating
bikes to LifeWorks NW in St. Johns. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart
because of the kids. But [also for the] great work that the Relief Nursery and
LifeWorks NW does.”

At LifeWorks NW’s Project Network, several of the tiniest
children got a preview of their gifts. (See pictures below.) But at St. John’s
Children’s Relief Nursery (CRN), most of the older children were still in class,
so the bikes will be a huge surprise.

“Our families really appreciate these bikes,” said MacKenzie
Hale, a teacher at LifeWorks NW’s St. John’s CRN in the “Wobblers” (between
babies and toddlers) class. “A lot of families are going to be surprising the
kids on Christmas with them.”

The Ferguson family understands the desire to make the
holidays special, and for them the Bike Giveaway is a big part of their
celebration. Bart and Ted Ferguson, Ted’s daughter Emily and son Ennis, and other
friends were part of the LifeWorks NW delivery.

“I think I think it is super cool that my dad and my uncle,
and my family in general, will leave behind a legacy that we can continue to
do,” said Emily Ferguson. “I’ll glad it was something they wanted us to be
involved in so badly that I’m growing up surrounded by this every Christmas.
That’s what our Christmas revolves around now. I’m excited for the future to
see where it might go.”

Many thanks to the Ferguson-Murphy families who are
long-term supporters of LifeWorks NW. Together they ensured a happy holiday for
many of our clients’ families, and exercise and fun for children for years to