Supported Employment Success Story

Oct 7, 2019


Ce Ann, a consumer with Beaverton’s Supported Employment, joined the program because she thought it would help with her depression. She’d been self-medicating for years to cope with her Hypomanic-Bi-Polar issues, and hadn’t worked in 20 years.

Now, between Supported Employment, Therapy, and medication management, she has turned her life around. According to Megan Crouch, her supported employment specialist, Ce Ann landed the first job she interviewed for on the spot. She is currently working part-time at a retail store and is loving it.

Ce Ann says “I am so glad I didn’t quit before the miracle.”

After getting the job, Ce Ann became sober for the first time in years and has been sober for six months. 

“I would have never gotten a job if it wasn’t for this program,” says Ce Ann. “I didn’t think there was a job out there for me that would accept me and would be [a] good fit. I was so lost about how my benefits would be impacted, and I am so grateful [for] the support.”

Ce Ann has been there for six months and her supervisor told Megan, “We wish we could have 10 more of Ce Ann. She is making healthy friendships, and utilizing positive and outside support systems. Ce Ann has such a wonderful outlook and sense of humor.”

​Congratulations to Ce Ann for her great progress, and to Megan and her team for the support that makes it possible.