Staff and Clients Finding Solutions

Aug 21, 2019


Sometimes you know something is wrong, but you really don’t understand what is causing it. When she came to Lifeworks NW, Kayleen was struggling to find work after a long gap in employment. She was engaging in self harm and feeling disassociated from her body. Kayleen had experienced mania before, but didn’t know what it was. She came to Lifeworks to feel better, to get help to feel normal.

Working with her clinicians, Kayleen learned that her feelings of disassociation and suicidal ideation were related to Bipolar I, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Asperger’s with Agoraphobia. 

In addition to participating in individual and group therapy, and taking the necessary medication, Kayleen enrolled in our Supported Employment program. Working with Supported Employment Specialist Sphoorti Pandit-Kerr was an opportunity for ongoing success.

“Sphoorti is a cool lady,” says Kayleen. She went above and beyond the call of duty to connect with the employer so they knew what to expect. She also attended my interview, orientation and did some on the job training and advocated for me at my job.”

As part of Supported Employment, Kayleen began working at Walmart, and a year and a half later she continues to receive great feedback from supervisors, coworkers and customers. Her family relationships have improved, and she’s proud to be a new grandmother.

With continued support from individual and group therapy and medication management, Kayleen is no longer afraid to be out in the community and her symptoms are better managed.

“Lifeworks [NW] has been a huge positive impact in my life, there’s a sense of community here,” says Kayleen.

Kayleen’s success in the Supported Employment program makes Sphoorti proud.

​​”It is a great opportunity to work with clients who are struggling to put their lives back together,” says Sphoorti. “When you see success stories like Kayleen ‘s​ and many others, it makes coming to work each day both a mission and an adventure.”