The Gift of Recovery

Aug 5, 2019

Portrait of smiling young woman sitting against brown wall with mobile phone

​My name is Cathy [not real name],​ and I entered your facility in [spring of] 2015, I was a daily meth user, estranged from my family and friends, facing felony drug charges and I was only allowed to see my then 6-year-old son under supervision. My life was in shambles, and I honestly only agreed to treatment to avoid jail time, even though I knew I desperately needed help. Sometime in the 4 months I was there, I started to live again, and I learned to live clean, uncomfortable as it was at first.

I completed Drug Treatment in [summer] of 2015, I moved into Oxford and participated in Marion County’s Drug Court Program. Since then I moved into my own apartment, followed a few months later by a house. I gained full-time employment, and having successfully completed outpatient treatment and a Drug Court Program, my felony drug charge was dismissed. 

Most importantly, I regained 50 percent custody of my now 10-year-old son, am happily married since 2017, and we welcomed another son in 2018. I am now a wonderful, caring and attentive Mother who is there for her children in every way. I have mended relationships with my family and friends, and I now work for [a store] where I have been promoted twice and am the Service Operations Manager, third in charge of the entire store. My husband, also a Drug Court Graduate, and I are able to fully support ourselves and our children, we are contributing members of society. 

Recently, I was sharing my story with a co-worker who had no idea about my past, and she asked if I was still in contact with any of the people who helped me through treatment. It caused me to reflect on how very fortunate I am to have found myself at Project Network’s front door and I wondered to myself if any of the success stories ever write to let you all know how much you did for their life? Your program truly saved my life, and I don’t know if any of the same staff is still there that would remember me, but I wanted to let someone there know how grateful I am for aiding me into a better life. 

Today, my life is amazing and the gifts that recovery has to offer continue to bless me. 

None of it was easy, and I wanted to give up many times, but somehow I stayed, and I am so fortunate that I did. I remember being told a statistic that about 2 in 10 women will stay clean… I am friends on social media with several women who were in treatment with me, and I am pleased to say there is a staggering amount of women still clean and living amazing lives. This shows me that your program is working. There are also two women who are now deceased because of their disease, and the reality of how this could have been me still scares me to my core.

Thank you Project Network. Thank you Ms. Heidi, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Emma, Ms. Ayana, Ms. Shanitra, Ms. Sarah and every other member of the staff that was there during my stay, you all contributed to my ability to turn my life around, and I am sincerely, eternally grateful for your patience with me as I adjusted to life without drugs, your hard work and your service to the addict who still suffers. Today I have over 4 years clean, I am a success story and a product of this program’s blessings and hard work. 

Thank you so much!