Bradley: The Journey from Homeless to Hopeful

Oct 12, 2018

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Diagnosed with schizophrenia and having experienced several years of homelessness, Bradley had an arrest record and was unable to hold down a job for more than a few months at a time. Depression haunted him, hallucinations were a part of life, and alcohol seemed like the only way to cope. He lacked interpersonal skills and struggled with his finances. Time and time again, he impulsively quit his job, throwing him back into the vicious cycle, and leaving him frustrated, unmotivated, and feeling hopeless. Then, Bradley found LifeWorks NW.

Bradley began receiving services through the Supported Employment Program, and had several part-time jobs, but struggled to keep them. However, through engagement with the program and using the skills training he received from his supported employment specialist, he has found success.

“Recently Bradley has been able to secure a job at Five Guys [Burgers & Fries] working the most hours he has ever worked. Whenever he needs support he reaches out to his supported employment specialist, service coordinator, or peer. He has maintained this job for nearly six months, and has expressed interest in staying for at least a year to ‘prove to SSA and to LifeWorks NW that I can do this independently.’”

Now, Bradley enjoys going to work and has made friends with his co-workers. He is learning the skills to manage his own finances and is working daily to maintain his sobriety. His journey has been full of overwhelming obstacles, but he remains hopeful for the future and armed with the necessary skills and resources to be a happy and productive member of the community. “I wouldn’t change where I’m at for the world. I want other people to see what they can do. That’s why I want to share this.”