Children/Families – Mental Health

LifeWorks NW mental health programs give children and their families the support they need to live and function successfully in the home, school and community. This approach benefits both the individuals and the community as a whole.


Our many services include:

General Counseling
LifeWorks NW staff provides therapy, medication management and skills training for a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, anger management and more. Our team also offers in-depth treatment in the community or home. In addition, we can provide counseling tailored to cultural groups such as African-Americans, Latinos and others.

Supporting Youth
For middle and high school aged teens and families at a high risk for abuse and interpersonal violence, our caring and dedicated team helps youth and families access         a full range of services to meet their unique needs.

Psychological Evaluations
LifeWorks NW provides thorough psychological evaluation services as a first step for children who are experiencing depression, delinquency, abuse reactions or school and family difficulties.

Foster Care Services
LifeWorks NW provides foster children (ages 3-17) with comprehensive and in-depth mental health services and skills training. Services involve family members, teachers and others who play a significant role in the child’s life.

Day Treatment in an Educational Setting
For Adolescents: Our Adolescent Day Treatment is a community alternative to residential care, providing daily treatment and education for youth (ages 12-18) with serious psychiatric difficulties, following initial evaluation by LifeWorks NW.

For Children: Our Child Day Treatment program offers a constructive all-day outpatient alternative to residential care, providing education for children (ages 7-11) experiencing serious psychiatric difficulties.

For Young Children: Our Young Children’s Day Treatment program offers a caring half-day alternative to residential care, providing education and treatment for children (ages 3-8) experiencing serious psychiatric difficulties.

Combined Mental Health and Addiction Treatment
For children and families facing both addiction and serious mental health issues, our thorough and specialized dual diagnosis programs treat both problems together, focusing on relapse prevention, mental health therapy and medication management.

Additional Help
LifeWorks NW also provides additional mental health services for children, youth and families. These programs include after-school check-in and enrichment opportunities for youth involved with the Juvenile Justice system, consulting for Head Start classrooms and outreach to the Hispanic community. Participation in these programs is arranged through the appropriate government agency or school.

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