Children, Teens and Families

We believe the best services are those that keep children, teens and families together—at home and in the community. Whether problems stem from alcohol or drug use, a troubled family history, or mental health issues, our team of compassionate and dedicated staff provides treatment that makes the most of each individuals natural strengths.


LifeWorks NW prevention services are proactive. We work to detect warning signs, help build resiliency, create positive attitudes and address the underlying causes that could lead to the development of more serious problems.

  • For children, our after-school programs provide a safe, comfortable environment with educational, constructive and fun activities.
  • For parents with children demonstrating behavior problems, LifeWorks NW offers in-home parent training and education.
  • For African-American youth, culturally responsive education and outreach services help battle tobacco dependency.
  • For young children and their families at risk of abuse and neglect, our Children’s Relief Nursery Program provides comprehensive, wrap-around services including therapeutic classrooms, parent skills training, mental health services and additional supports.

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Mental Health:

It’s no secret how hard growing up can be—for children and families alike. With the help of LifeWorks NW, children and families can manage mental health challenges and live a healthy life.

  • For youth and children dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, behavior disorders, delinquency and more, we provide psychological evaluations.
  • For youth challenged by mental health issues, LifeWorks NW offers caring, expert counseling.
  • For foster children ages 3-17, we provide mental health services and skills training in a comfortable environment.

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Alcohol and drug use in teens only complicates an already challenging time of life. As the leading youth alcohol and drug treatment program in the area, LifeWorks NW knows what it takes to help teens and families recover from an addiction.

  • For teens battling drug and alcohol addiction, the experienced and compassionate LifeWorks NW treatment team provides counseling.
  • For those with Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) or Minor in Possession (MIP) offenses, we offer programs to address substance abuse.
  • For Latino youth, we provide culturally responsive alcohol and drug treatment with bilingual counselors.

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