Who We Serve

Helping people by offering caring services is the core of LifeWorks NW—making life better for those we serve, and strengthening the whole community. We’ve developed the most comprehensive array of integrated prevention, mental health and addiction services available, providing confidential, compassionate, effective support throughout the lifespan.

Our Services Support:

Children, Teens and Families

A parent of a 12-year old boy wanting to learn how to manage his behaviors… A child in foster care coping with overwhelming loss and change… A teen addicted to alcohol, and his loving family who doesn’t know where to turn… LifeWorks NW can help.


The father from a family with a history of alcohol addiction… A caring young mother with serious mental illness, trying hard to take care of her family… The depressed widow having trouble making ends meet… LifeWorks NW can help.

Older Adults

An aging patient with an unhealthy reliance on medications… A caregiver for an elderly spouse who feels isolated and exhausted… The older adult struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and a diminishing quality of life… LifeWorks NW can help.

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Of every dollar contributed to LifeWorks NW, 91% goes directly to our services, helping more than 17,000 people each year. — Help us reach further.