Success Stories

Read about the successful transitions of people who have been through LifeWorks NW programs.


Making the Transition
Improving relationships within the family. Read how Drew gained confidence.

Overcoming Isolation and Abuse
Early childhood day treatment helps this eleven-year-old stay home and get better. Read about Paul.

Before and After
Achieving recovery. Read a letter from Todd.

Finding Hope Again
Overcoming an abusive home. Read about Rico and Marta.


The Journey from Homeless to Hopeful
Bradley’s story spells success despite overwhelming odds.

A Story of Struggle to Success
Amika found her way, thanks to LifeWorks NW’s Supported Employment program.

From Lost to Found
Read about Justina’s journey of discovery.

The Quest for a Job
LifeWorks NW Supported Employment program spelled success for Richard.

Taking a Stand for Himself
Cody took a “natural” approach to good mental health.

Finding Employment..And Much More
Hear how Monica has turned her life around and is planning for a bright future.

Becoming the ‘Go-To-Guy’
Reginald is proud of his job and has a positive outlook about his future.

A New Career Track
Through supported employment, Sybil found a career track. Read her story.

Finding a Job
Read about David’s supported employment success story.

Finding Home
Coping with mental illness. Read Doug’s story.

A Long Worthwhile Journey
Read about Janice’s successful recovery.

Older Adults
Walking with Alzheimer’s
Overcoming the depression that comes with Alzheimer’s. Read Ruth’s story.


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