Articles: Giving Kids Extra Help

Sometimes our children may need a little extra attention and/or help. They may not be able to express their needs to us directly. Children may need some extra intervention when a parent notices any of the following:

Things to Look For: 

Change in behavior

  • Irritability (snapping at you or others, easily upset)
  • Sadness (not acting like themselves)
  • Isolation (no longer interested in playing with friends)
  • Aggression (toward siblings, friends, toys, parents)
  • Change in eating pattern (eating more or less)
  • Change in sleep pattern (night waking, not sleeping)
  • Reluctance to go certain places (school, playground, particular homes)
  • Reluctance to be around certain individuals (friends, friends’ parents, babysitters, teachers)

As a parent, you can help your children by:

  • Listening (hear what they are saying, ask questions)
  • Believing that what your children are telling you is real (don’t diminish their feelings)
  • Responding non-judgmentally (take a breath before responding)
  • Setting up safety parameters (discuss ways to make them feel and be safe)

It is important to seek supportive services through doctors, schools, or mental health professionals if your child doesn’t settle in to emotional and behavioral patterns that are consistent for him or her within a reasonable amount of time.

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