Addiction FAQ

Recognizing and acknowledging an addiction is just the beginning of the recovery process. Discover what LifeWorks NW can offer to support individuals and their families on the path to overcoming addiction.

What is addiction? How do I recognize it?

Addiction is an uncontrolled emotional or physical dependence on a substance like alcohol or drugs. There are many clear warning signs that can help you recognize addiction, such as:

  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • Denying or trying to hide drinking or drug use
  • Forgetting or denying things which happen while under the influence
  • Spending time with other drinkers or drug users
  • Downplaying or justifying drinking or drug use
  • Behaving very differently when intoxicated
  • Using alcohol or drugs to improve self-esteem

What is addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment works toward helping individuals overcome addiction, whether to alcohol, gambling or something else—and helps them regain control of their lives.

How long does addiction treatment usually last?

Addiction treatment—whether individualized or in a group—is tailored to the unique needs of each client. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the addiction, the complexity of symptoms and other personal variables.

Does LifeWorks NW have anyone who can relate to my cultural background and speak my language?

Yes. Our staff is diverse and provides a wide range of treatment programs for people from a variety of cultural backgrounds including African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and others.

What range of services does LifeWorks NW offer?

We offer a full range of confidential and addiction services for those with an unhealthy dependence on drugs, alcohol, gambling and more, including outpatient and residential services, intensive rehabilitation, and support for those transitioning from residential treatment.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We have many programs for insured and non-insured people. Please contact us to find out what programs are available to you.

How can families and friends make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment?

Supporting a friend or loved one during addiction treatment can be a very difficult experience. It requires patience, understanding and a non-judgmental attitude, but also allows you to offer your support in a variety of ways. Be sure to care for your own physical and emotional health during this period, as recovery can be a very trying time for all involved. Al-Anon/Alateen is an excellent support resource for families and friends of those addicted to alcohol.

Is addiction treatment worth its financial cost?

Yes, addiction treatment is absolutely worth the financial cost. The benefits of leading a healthy, balanced life after successful addiction treatment is priceless and can last a lifetime.

What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling is an addiction—and includes all gambling behaviors that compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family or vocational pursuits. Symptoms include: increasing preoccupation with gambling, a need to bet more money more frequently, restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop, loss of control and more. In extreme cases, problem gambling can result in financial ruin, legal problems, loss of career and family, or even suicide.

Isn’t problem gambling just a financial problem?

Unfortunately not. Problem gambling is an addiction and illness based on having an uncontrollable obsession with gambling. Financial problems are merely side effects.

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