Featured Donors

We would like to share the stories of some of our most generous donors, and the large impact they’ve had on our communities.

Howard and Mollie Bihn

Mollie Bihn knew about children. One of ten children, she had escaped Russia at the age of 10 and eventually came to the United States where she met and married Harold. The couple never had any children of their own, but loved all children as if they were their own, especially those in their North Portland neighborhood. Harold played the organ for children who gathered to sing at his home and Mollie was known for sharing delicious veggies from her garden, where many a treasure was found by children, left by the Garden Fairy! Mollie also loved poetry and one of her favorite poems included these lines:

…In sweetening the life of another

In relieving a brother’s distress

The soul finds the highest advancement

And the noblest blessedness

– J.R. Miller

Harold and Mollie Bihn lived by these words. They believed so strongly in helping others never wanting to see children suffer, they left a generous bequest to Children’s Relief Nursery. “It was so nice to tour and hear of the wonderful work that the Children’s Relief Nursery is doing!,” said their long-time neighbor after visiting The Nursery. “I almost cried as I watched those toddlers eating lunch, just hearing in my mind the giggles and joy that Harold and Mollie would have expressed watching such a scene! I know they are smiling upon all of you, and it would bring them joy to see their money put to such good use,” she said.

West Coast Bank

Thanks to the generosity of West Coast Bank, LifeWorks NW prevention staff have helped more kids succeed in school.

Their donation sponsors our after-school prevention programs, located in low-income housing communities. It has allowed access to books – many in Spanish – a computer printer for homework, visits to OMSI and other field trips, and payment of sports fees when families can’t afford them. Each after-school program is spending the donation to provide the greatest positive impact to the children and families they serve. Thanks to West Coat Bank for their generous donation, totaling over $5000 each year for two years, which is supporting children’s success.

Harry and Marguerite Kendall

In 2003, LifeWorks NW’s older adult foster home was officially renamed The Harry and Marguerite Kendall Adult Foster Home—known as The Kendall Home for short.

“This is a personal matter for me,” Marguerite Kendall reflected, “because both my brother and my best friend died of Alzheimer’s. When we first visited the facilities and personally witnessed the kindness and care with which these individuals were treated by LifeWorks NW staff, we were most impressed and touched.”

The Kendalls hope that their generous gift will inspire others to make donations in support of our older adult programs. “We feel privileged to be a part of this LifeWorks NW project and foster home,” said Marguerite after the ceremony.

We at LifeWorks NW feel privileged to have the Kendalls as benefactors of the program, and express our gratitude to them for their outstanding philanthropic support.

Leroy Setziol (1916-2005)

Next time you visit our Cedar Mill site, stop by and see our new installation of an original wood sculpture by renowned artist Leroy Setziol.

Setziol’s donation to Lifeworks NW was the first major work by the artist in some time. In keeping with his passion for bringing art to the people, Setziol wanted to give back to the community. Upon donating this piece, he said “When you donate you should not give what’s left over. You should give your best.” And that he did.

This untitled piece, created five decades after his first showing, represents the style of Setziol’s later pieces with a rough, waxed texture that shows the sculpturing process. The piece was carved out of the “largest piece of myrtle wood” the artist had ever seen.

The donation came about through Setziol’s friendship with LifeWorks NW supporters Joachim Grube and our former Board Chair Roger Yost. Shortly after donating this piece, Leroy Setziol passed away, but we are truly honored and grateful that he was able to share his gifts while still alive.

The life-size piece was recently installed as part of a project by Yost, a locally respected artist in his own right, along with over 200 other pieces at all LifeWorks NW multi-service sites.

Yost donated some of his own artwork and framing materials, as well as coordinating the purchase of colorful, inexpensive prints. He did all the framing and has even provided the labor to hang all the artwork himself.

If you would like to see the Setziol piece or any of the other artwork, please call Betty Krejci, Development Director, at 503-617-3821 to set up a personal tour. Many thanks to Roger Yost, Joachim Grube, and Roy Setziol. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Setziol family.

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