LifeWorks NW Team

We take pride in having a culturally and professionally diverse team at LifeWorks NW, featuring a well-rounded array of clinical disciplines, treatment expertise and management skill.

About the Lifeworks NW Team

Our well-qualified and compassionate workforce of more than 700 employees includes PhDs, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Registered Nurses (RN), MDs and other dedicated professionals with a range of educational and training backgrounds.

From our front office staff to our administration and board of directors, we maintain a team whose own cultural backgrounds mirror the diverse communities we serve—from African-American and Native American to Hispanic, Slavic and more. To provide the best possible service, we have counselors fluent in Spanish, Russian, Filipino, Chinese and other languages, and continually seek ways to expand our staff’s language abilities.

The strong and committed team of senior managers at LifeWorks NW makes our organization run smoothly, and keeps our overhead at a low 9% of total expenses—ensuring the best use of our funding to help our clients.

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