Mental Health Scholarship for Immigrants and Refugees

May 4, 2022


If you identify as an immigrant or refugee and are interested in the mental health field there is an amazing opportunity waiting for you. The Refugee Education Fund is a program sponsored by Lutheran Community Services Northwest and is here to help pay for education and training. This is an incredible chance for those interested in the mental health field to get started and pursue that career at every level. Scholarships will be provided for all training, certifications, and undergraduate degrees needed to pursue a mental health career. 

Here at Lifeworks NW, we are happy to spread this amazing opportunity to those who are interested in getting into the mental health field. Mental health is a mission-driven and rewarding career path with an ever-growing need for new practitioners. Help address the mental health crisis in Oregon and consider taking advantage of this opportunity. If you do, we look forward to you applying with LifeWorks NW. 

For those who would like more information, we welcome you to an information session at one of the following times during the month of May via Zoom: 

  • 5/7 – 11 am-12 pm 
  • 5/10 3-4 pm 
  • 5/12 9 -10 am 
  • 5/18 4:30-5:30 pm 
  • 5/19 5-6 pm 
  • 5/24 6-7 pm 
  • 5/27 7-8 pm 
  • 5/28 9-10 am 

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact: 

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