Celebrating on Top of the World

It’s never easy being out of work. When a few months stretches into three years, it’s even harder. Add to that hitting 60 years old without a job, feeling hopeless seems understandable.

Greg was in that situation. “I had been out of work for three years,” he explained. “I couldn’t seem to land a job and felt like I was just wasting time not doing much of anything.” Greg’s avocation for creating ceramic artworks occupied some of this time, but sales of his pieces weren’t enough to pay the bills; much less, any extras.

When Greg connected with LifeWorks NW, he was admittedly, “very depressed.” But, through the efforts of the Supported Employment program team, things began to look up for Greg.

“We started out talking with Greg, listening to his life stories and learning more about him,” offered Michelle, a LifeWorks NW Supported Employment specialist. “Eventually, in addition to counseling, we connected Greg with support groups and employment resources.

That new direction began the turnaround for Greg. Michelle continued, “His attitude began to change. He became more talkative, even joking with others. Plus, with a newfound positivity, he began to venture out to seek work.”

It wasn’t long before Greg found what he’d been looking for: a steady job! He was hired as a part time gas station attendant, but after only one week of work his manager praised his strong work ethic and promoted Greg to full time!

Even as he continues to use LifeWorks NW services, Greg is making good connections through his work and reports being happier and sleeping better.“ I look forward to waking up,” Greg shared. “Work has totally changed my life; it lifts me up! Now, I feel like I am on top of the world!”

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