The Quest for a Job

Getting a job and going to work; seems like the normal course of adult life. Unless it isn’t. And it often isn’t for individuals who may have lacked a support system that could set them on the right path. Maybe they never had an entry-level job as a teen or their home environment was unstable. Whatever the situation, getting and keeping a job can be tougher than it might seem.

That’s the life Richard faced. With minimal employment skills and unhealthy coping mechanisms, Richard just couldn’t hold down a job. His overall mental state was poor enough to result in hospitalizations and what seemed like a never-ending downward spiral.

When Richard connected with LifeWorks NW though, he began to see a positive change. The  LifeWorks NW Supported Employment team worked with Richard to not only help him learn better ways to cope and express his emotions, they aided him in identifying the kind of work that might best suit his interests and skills.

With a stronger sense of self and a positive outlook, in April 2016 Richard began working as a dishwasher – a position he still holds today. While continuing his connections with the Supported Employment team at LifeWorks NW, Richard has had fewer hospitalizations and uses healthy coping skills to de-escalate the kind of situations that might previously have caused him problems.

And with that steady income, Richard has purchased a television and was able to take his cat to the vet for a wellness check – the things of routine life. Thanks to the support of LifeWorks NW, Richard has turned his modest dreams into reality.

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