Success: Finding a Job

David’s Success Story – Supported Employment

David came to Lifeworks NW in January of 2013 after being released from the hospital. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

David started working with Art, a skilled clinician, in LifeWorks NW’s intensive case management program. At that time, David was experiencing symptoms of paranoia, delusional thoughts, visual hallucinations, and was isolating himself due to his extreme paranoid symptoms.

While a client at LifeWorks NW, David was hospitalized four or five more times. Art was always there for David, contacting and connecting with him every week, going to visit him at home, and asking about his symptoms. After about 15 months of working with Art, David “woke up one day and felt different for the better,” he said. He was able to leave his home, watch TV, take the bus, and go places where there were other people.

In May 2014, David was referred to LifeWorks NW’s supported employment program. David says he didn’t think anyone would be able to find him a job, and he “just went along with it.” David and supported employment specialist Florice met weekly for about two months.

On July 1, 2014, David was offered a job as a part-time dishwasher for a restaurant. David is still happily employed, his symptoms are well managed, and he is doing great, both personally and professionally. David told Florice several times throughout the time they’ve been working together that he thought he was never going to work again.

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