Ben has never completed anything in his life. That is until he graduated from the REAL (Recovery, Empowerment, Achievement in Life) program at LifeWorks NW!

Ben came to the program temporarily homeless, struggling with drug use and having issues at school despite making an effort to stay engaged. The state removed Ben from his mother at birth and relatives, mostly his aunt, raised him. She had recently moved out of state and now he was alone.

Despite a diagnosis of poly-substance abuse, Ben worked hard in the program and responded well to his addiction groups, one on one time with counselors, skills training along with mentoring and case management provided by culturally sensitive staff.

When he successfully completed the program in 2011, staff celebrated with Ben by giving him a certificate and graduation cake. He chose to stay in Portland rather than joining his Aunt in Las Vegas and is now continuing his education. He recently stopped by to visit with staff and let them know that he is still in school, sober, and just started a new job. Ben has a newfound confidence that he can indeed complete the things in life that matter.

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