The emergency room is all too familiar to Carmen. Her adult children brought her regularly, fearing she was suicidal. Finally she promised them she would be o.k. and they set up an appointment for her with her primary care physician.

At Virginia Garcia, her doctor referred her to the MILPA program. Meeting with a Spanish speaking counselor, Carmen felt comfortable and quickly opened up to process years of violence suffered at the hands of her alcoholic husband.

Through regular meetings with her therapist, she has decided not to reunite with her abusive husband back in Mexico. She is staying in Oregon. Her son and daughter-in-law participated in her family therapy and were able to work through some marital difficulties of their own.

Carmen has processed her feelings of unworthiness and she now realizes how much she does for family and how much she means to them. She views herself as an important person with value. She no longer thinks about harming herself.

Carmen is looking forward to her life here in Oregon, making new friends her age and joining a church community.

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