Tara kept busy doing meth for years.  During this time, she left her children with anyone who would agree to take them.  One of her children’s caregivers was their grandmother.  It was there, they became physically and sexually abused.  Now on the verge of losing custody of her children by failing to keep them safe, Tara connected with LifeWorks NW.  It was here that Tara worked through her own issues of abuse; received education on the signs and consequences of child abuse and domestic violence; developed a life plan for her family; and received an advocate in court.

Within a short period of time, Tara was able to walk away from her relationship with her mother who refused to leave her grandchildren’s abuser. She has moved into housing of her own, returned to college and is parenting two of her children. Now, rather than stealing clothes from a local store, she is purchasing them.  Tara continues in her sobriety.

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