At 14, Kayla is a thoughtful, intelligent, artistic young woman.  She loves horses, does well in school, and is well-liked by those who know her.  By all accounts, Kayla appears to be a normal teenager.  But her life has been anything but normal.

Born into a drug addicted family, Kayla lost both her parents by the age of three.  Living with relatives, she endured years of physical and sexual abuse before being placed in foster care at the age of seven.  Unable to deal with her emotions, she became abusive to animals and other children, and her foster parents found that she needed constant supervision, far more than other children her age.  She bounced around from home to home, and more than once a potential adoption dissolved.  It became nearly impossible for Kayla to be placed within the foster care system.

Finally, with nowhere else to go, Kayla was referred to LifeWorks NW.  She was placed with foster care parents specially trained to help her overcome her challenges and grow into a healthy, happy teenager.  Through intensive therapy sessions, she is learning how to deal with her emotions and react appropriately.  For the first time, she is learning to trust her foster family and other adults in her life, feels good about who she is, and has developed several close friendships.

The work is far from over, but with the help of the dedicated staff at LifeWorks NW, Kayla has the tools she needs to succeed.

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