Myth: Bipolar mania sounds fun

Myth #19: Bipolar mania sounds like fun.

Facts:  A surface understanding of manic episodes — or their occasional representation in movies or TV shows — makes them seem like a good time. Persons in such episodes often feel they get lots of thing done, have endless energy, are highly extroverted, and report they’re on top of the world. The facts are that people with bipolar disorder may experience happiness during a manic state, but often, it is short-lived and they become highly excitable, anxious, disorganized and irritable.

Their minds easily careen from one seemingly grand idea to the next, and their sleep rhythms fall apart. Frequently, they engage in bolder and riskier behavior when it comes to sex, finances, drugs and alcohol. Some people start gambling or racking up huge shopping tabs. Quite often, they experience altercations with law enforcement. Mania can be severe enough to cause psychotic thinking and behavior dangerous to oneself and others.

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