When Paul was eleven, he spent much of his life in isolation, abused by his step-father.  Upon coming into LifeWorks NW Child Day Treatment, Paul was experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Given his history, Paul’s thoughts of suicide were not unexpected.  Before treatment, Paul attempted to drown himself in the bathtub, and expressed feeling sad and hopeless.  He brought a knife on the school bus because he was mad at the bus driver and was expelled from school after setting a fire in the bathroom.  On both occasions, Paul reported his intent was not to harm others, but to get out of a stressful situation.

When accepted into our program Paul’s mother said, “I am so glad you opened this program because if you hadn’t my son would not be living with me.  He would be in a residential treatment program.”  Although he continues to have difficult days here and there, he has made a great deal of progress.  Through individual, group, milieu, and family therapy and a small structured supportive classroom, Paul has begun to openly express his feeling and address his issues.  He has even become a bit of a class leader in helping classmates resolve differences by using their words.

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