Suffering anger and grief at the loss of contact with her mother Jayla was unable to get through an hour without tears. She picked her skin until it bled. She wore the same set of outgrown clothes or pajamas to school every day. Her hygiene was so poor many kids refused to sit near her. Her father worked long hours and lacked skills to meet her physical and emotional needs. That’s when LifeWorks NW’s staff stepped in. They saw a young girl with keen intelligence in trouble. They worked to give her the skills to cope with frustration, got her a haircut and new clothing, and went to her house to teach her and her father how to clean and choose the right clothing for her. Jayla and her father participated in family therapy and in a parent education/support group. He gained skills to care for his daughter and both worked through their anger and grief. Jayla recently sent staff a copy of her prom picture that showed her smiling in a beautiful dress holding hands with her date. She graduated from high school last spring, and is attending college this fall.

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