Family Support & Connections – Angie

Angie didn’t really celebrate her 30th birthday. Something about being homeless with her children kept her from feeling it was time to celebrate – more a time to just get by.

She came to LifeWorks NW feeling down and was diagnosed with clinical depression. Unable to move forward and uncertain as to what to do next she needed help.

Working with her counselor at LifeWorks NW Angie was able to leave her house rather staying in alone all day. She was better able to advocate for herself and her children and began reporting better communication with her kids and more quality time together.

As she began feeling better, her therapist suggested she utilize resources available from the Family Support & Connections program. Angie enrolled in a Rent Well class, a budgeting course, and received assistance securing safe affordable housing for her family.

Angie is now feeling better and ready to celebrate her life and family. In terms of the support she received from LifeWorks NW, she says, “I couldn’t’ have done all this without your help.”

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