Older Adults

At LifeWorks NW, we believe in helping both older adults and their caregivers—either professional or a family members—enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Whether an older adult is struggling with overdependence on medications or beginning to experience mental illness or dementia such as Alzheimer’s, we can help. For more information about these services, fill out a Request for Service Form.

Services for Older Adults:

We offer innovative day services, which provide a therapeutic environment for older adults and needed relief for caregivers. Our preventative programs anticipate and treat the ever-changing needs of older adults and their caregivers—helping them maintain the highest possible quality of life.

Day Services – Alzheimer’s

Our therapeutic day services for older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, developmental disability or social isolation strive to make the best of each individual’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive function in a safe, comfortable setting. Plus, these innovative services provide the needed relief to families and caregivers, and we can even provide or arrange transportation.

Day Services – Mental Illness LifeWorks NW provides day treatment for older adults with an acute emotional disturbance or chronic mental disorder. Treatment includes individual and group therapies, medication management, activity therapy and daily living skills training. We can even provide or arrange transportation.

Assessment, Counseling and Treatment Services
LifeWorks NW provides supportive counseling for older adults, as well as consultation and education for their caregivers. Services also include medication management from our expert medical staff.

Access Through Healthcare Clinics
Understanding that individuals often first seek help from their doctor for a mental health issue, LifeWorks NW counselors are conveniently located in several neighborhood healthcare clinics and primary healthcare sites.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

Major life changes, including divorce, physical illness or retirement, can lead to an unhealthy reliance on alcohol or prescription medications, nicotine or gambling. That’s why we offer addiction services designed specifically for older adults and their families.

Caregiver Training
Committed to providing training opportunities for those who care for older adults, LifeWorks NW offers a wide range of training programs. Class topics include:

  • Coping with problem behaviors in older adults
  • Recognizing and treating pain
  • Medication management
  • Activities for older adults
  • Caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII)
LifeWorks NW offers counseling designed specially for older adults required to receive treatment as part of a DUII violation.

Additional Help
LifeWorks NW also offers additional help for older adults in collaboration with government agencies and other community partners. These programs include in-depth psychiatric treatment in a specialized nursing home setting, and caring for seniors while educating caregivers at our foster home. Participation in these programs is arranged through the appropriate government agency.

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